Attachment Instructions

Attaching The Mower Mate to any mower is simple and requires no tools. Simply follow the instructions below.


  1. Packaging
    The Mower Mate comes in a clear plastic bag and contains either 1 or 2 high density foam pieces Aka vibration dampening technology.

  2. Clamp
    Undo the clamp on The Mower Mate wide enough so that it can attach to the handle of the mower. Insert the high density foam between the clamp and the handle. This reduces both vibration and the mower mate from slipping on a steel handle. Tighten until The Mower Mate is sturdy.

  3. Rotate
    To rotate The Mower Mate to attach to either the side arms or the main handle bar simply press and hold the button on the front and rotate The Mower Mate to the desired angle. 

  4. Drinking
    Insert your favourite refreshing beverage into The Mower Mate stubby cooler and slide into the attached Mower Mate. Please remember to both mow and drink responsibly. While we do everything we can to fight the theory of relativity and keep the beer in your mouth and not on the ground, you will need to mow to the conditions. The style in which you mow can lead to a much more satisfying outcome 🍻